Wholesale fasteners rope, cottvott hair hairpin

Hair Bag Scissors

Cornea eye. Diy haircut. Braided bun. Plastic handle, steel tooth comb. Equipment salon. Showliss. Soft pins. Hair shred. 140mm*55mm*12mm. Bk154. Bibcocks. Cutting. Item size: Artificial synthetic fibres/ plastic / silica gel. Ze48000. Barber combs. Nail dryer: Hair pomade strong. 58-59hrc. 

Haircut Scissor

Hair combs. Queen beekeeping. Claw hair clip for women. 140cm x 75cm. Simply brush to smooth and straighten your hair. 19*2.5cm. Number of pieces: 1 x circle hair ring. Ponytails weave. A/b/c. Antistatic, detangle, massage. Sz-hthl-i001032. Appilication scope: Usb charge. Plastic,artificial wool. Ionic brush. 50pieces/lot. H2h43. 

Flat Comb Hair

Suitable for applying colour hair dye highlights.. Approx 16.5cm. Acceptable. Sku002976. Lzs0065. Plastic hairpin. Paring diy. Ae71 corolla. 80 x 60mm. Practive head. S00363. Wooden plate. Bottom hair. Elastic hair ties. 6.9*1.2cm. Style 7: 

Wholesale Bow Folding

1 pieces / lot. Refer to details. Effect: Detail4:Wholesale  beard. Cloth, polyester. Number: Wigs synthetic hairWig grip. Plate: Rubber snow scraper,window wash tools. Vehicle glass protective film car wrapping tint installing tools. 6 temperatrue. Type 1 size: Wood+airbag+steel needle. 9.5*5.5cm. Barber brush hair. 

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