Cartoon animal puppy chick kitten calf bear cross stitch kit figure, handmade DIY mini small size sewing embroidery decoration

painting jars, designing garden

Pink Roses Ribbon

2 strand threads. D712/d759/d767/d768/d772. J112/j119/j120(2). Nkf needle kung fu. Chair cross. 42 colors. 37cm*47cm. Painting window glass. 43.5x72.6cm. Kings shop. Festival,hallowen,christmas,deer:D119/d120/d129/d136/d151. 

Painting Tango

Diy cross stitch craft: 33*43cm. 42*68cm. Last supper judas. 39*33cm. Kits for embroidery:42.8 x 54.4 cm. The fairy. 15.4x10.9cm. Success in every fieldRose flowers cross stitch embroidery. 54*54cm. 32100/31950/57120/64240//43572 stitches. Wizard. 34.5 x 44.3 cm. 

Embroidery Black Cat

42*28 cm. Watch cross. 26*35/26*34/18*35/22*36cm. 63.5 x 43.5 cm. 51*40 cm. Tool bag. Cross stitch kit european. Girl dog. Embroidery mesh fabric. Little bear/kitten. Decorations for locker. Counted cross stitch people. Blue aida. Zhui star. Decorations on garden. Portrait embroidery cross stitch. Coffee   picture. Suburban four seasons spring/summer/autumn/winter. 32/43/26colors. 

Bookkeeper Books

Bamboo orchid. Name: House tree. F025-2. Dk026/dk030/dk031/dk032/dk034. Dmkj007. Cross stitch fabric ct number: Takewealth diamond paintings. Daisy ribbon. Plant and vase series. 18*30/32*43/32*43/52*20/33*45cm. 48*48. 45*45 cm. Thread metalized. 

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