high frequency hot air pvc welding machine/ PVC banner welder

inhaler pipe, water heater electric tube

Conveyorized Oven

D44*100mm. Soldering iron stand holder. 20-500℃. Wholesale plastic sheet 0.03. 24kd welding torch. Hot air tarpaulin welder. Jh-111a. Jh-00ko. Temperature controled. A cutter free: 16mm 20mm 25mm 32mm pipe diameter. With red laser pointer: Cool / hot air, temperature adjustable. 16mm thickest welding mold. 2.2kg. Semi-automatic

Tape Conductivity

0.57cbm. Current:	 : Aluminum and iron. 1 year. For heat gun floor pvc tool. Duct ventilation. 4001a1. 712662160502. 608641196504. 10000cps below. 50 / 60 hz. 

Wholesale Heater 220v Fan

13kgs. Jh-00a. Pancak. Plastic pointers. Jh-00ps. Rayma-5001g. Pvc floor welding. 1000 ~ 1500w. 217.5*55.5mm. 2.3kg. Thkm160/63. 5001a. Wholesale advertising tool. Nxpw01. Metalized pvc. Lc300c. 390(l) x 275mm(w) x 310mm(h). Machinery food industry. 

74ls138 Sn74ls138n

49.5*29.5*28cm. 50/60. 110/220v. Spare hot air. 712662331919. Wholesale aves. Wholesale manual hole punch. Welding width for banner welder: Equipped laser positioning line : Machine for welding wires. Smd-b630/315h. 

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