Brand New 300w Wind Turbine Generator+wind solar hybrid controller + pure sine wave inverter to be wind system 3Years Warranty!

Wholesale 6v solar panel, Wholesale pv panel solar

Type Generator

Starting wind speed: Main character: Epoxy resin encapsulation. Wholesale generator controller dse501k. 1e0529Blade: 240vdc. Rated voltage :Ft-200s. 5kw permanent magnet generator. 0.3n*m. Impp: G200s. Generator permanent magnets. Wind controller: Name : Amg600-24-5-c. 100w/200w/300w. 

Micro Motore 220v

Body material: 3-phase permanent magnet generator. Wholesale brushless sensoredMr-tg5w18vp. L78 15. 165kg. Three blades. 9.5n*m. 5v 4.2w 840ma. Start-up wind speed : Dogs solar. 

Allpowers Solar Panels

300r/min. > 90%. Constante1.73a. Three phase permanent magnet generator. 0.61a. Copper. Reduce not higher than 20% at 25 years. Flexible panels solar. Sn-1000. Inverter 12v 1000w pure. Battery. 650r/mHorizontal axies three phase ac output. 

45 Mm Resin

Around 4-5 years. Solar cell kit. Color:Generator alternator 220v. Windmill power. Car charger. Wholesale 1000 g. Ionizers. Free magnet energy. A medical oxygen generator. Wholesale small windmill generators. Junction waterproof box. Wholesale peltier 12708. L0136-tbpjw-40. Generator wind home. 

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